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Review : Fortuity by David Jonathan

Product description : I always loved the routines with rainbow deck, I think they look cool and the fact your deck has a lot of different cards appeals to the spectator. Duel Match is a standard and classic trick you can do with such deck, but David Jonathan has brought a new idea to the table, which, I must admit, fooled me ! The idea is simple, you show a deck with different back design and different “fronts”, you can give 2 dices to the spectators so they can roll them or you can ask them to do it mentally. Once they have rolled the dices, you add up the numbers, ask them if they want to count from top or bottom and take out the card at the position. Do the same thing for the face of the card, you have now a card which is made of 2, one is considered as the back and the other one as the face. You had a prediction in an envelope since the beginning on the table, it matches perfectly !

Price and where to buy it : This is sold at $37.25 and you can find it in nearly every Murphy's magic « partner » shop !

What you get : You get a very nice box, Alakazam is known for doing very cool packaging and this one is up to the standards. Inside, you will find a DVD, an actual DVD ! In those days of online video only, I do find very cool that they included a DVD, it’s something I enjoy putting in my laptop and watch, rather than having to have a good internet connection in order to watch how to use your new trick. The explanations are very well shot, again, Alakazam quality, you understand everything so you can perform it right away, there is also a piece of David Jonathan which add some details and subtleties on how to handle the deck and perform the routine. I picked this up rather quickly, even if you have to think a little bit while doing it, it’s very basic but still, a little bit of work to do (and it should become automatic the more and more you do it). You also get a very cool envelope with the prediction card inside, 2 nice dices and of course, the deck which is ready to go, you can perform the trick right away. The deck is very well made, it should last a lifetime. Overall, for the price, you get a full routine, nicely explained on a DVD, I don’t think you can be disappointed !

The pros and the cons : Here is the core of my review, let's begin with the cons, as I will usually be doing, I prefer to keep the good things for the end.


[if !supportLists]– [endif]This is a con with every “trick deck” I review, you have to carry this special deck in order to perform Fortuity. It adds the space you need, which is something pro will be concerned about, if you’re an amateur, you will have no problem having this deck with you ! The deck is not examinable but David has added subtleties so people won’t want to look at it .

[if !supportLists]– [endif]It’s the same out each time, so you can’t do it twice to the same people. And I don’t know that if you order another copy from Alakazam, you will get a different one.

[if !supportLists]– [endif]You have to do the dice thing, so people may complain that you can’t go over 12 but I’ve never had this case before.


[if !supportLists]– [endif]Packaging is very nice, as are the explanations. I do think that a producer who take time to produce nice products will always be more “liked” than the ones that put their products in ziplock bag. It’s a mark of respect toward the customer.

[if !supportLists]– [endif]Even if the plot is an existing one with “Duel Match”, David has added several ideas and subtleties which completely throw off the spectator, especially regarding the method ! You can show more than 26 cards (for those who are familiar with a principle in play ;) ).

[if !supportLists]– [endif]You can actually hand out several cards to the spectator, so they can look at them, which is a major difference with the previous trick and method. It has a “Out of Sight” from Joshua Jay feeling for me, for those who have it !

[if !supportLists]– [endif]Everything is provided in order to do the trick, no art and craft, nothing to make, to add, to buy ! You can buy this, watch the DVD and directly perform it !

[if !supportLists]– [endif]Even if I said a little bit of mental work is required, it is minimal ! A 5 years old child could do it, so you can completely focus on your presentation.

[if !supportLists]– [endif]You have to carry this deck to perform this effect but since it’s a rainbow type deck, it gives you a reason of carrying it ! And the presentations are endless, saying you like to keep a card from each deck you used, or that you like collecting cards, I think this has the potential to connect with people.

Overall rating : I already do the Stolen Cards routine from Lennart Green, so this is a no brainer from me, I actually think of doing this first, deck switch, then Stolen Cards, I very much like this, 4/4 hearts.

As for the difficulty level, the work on it is minimal, focus on your presentation, I would say 2/5 stars.

Similar products : Duel Match and Detour de Force are tricks with the same feel but David Jonathan has added many subtleties so it can be performed more freely and openly.

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