Review : Twizted by Eric Jones

December 9, 2016


Product description : Well, this is an old one but a good one ! Something I've been using at every gig but I've never done a review about it, this is the time. Twizted is a gimmicked card which will allow you to do a wide range of effect, such as color change, 3 fly (with cards), sandwhich etc.. It's one of my favorite gimmick to carry with me, I always have one in every deck I use. Let's go !


Price and where to buy it : This is sold at $40 and you can find it in nearly every Murphy's magic « partner » shop !


What you get : You get a small cardboard box, very thin, with inside, the DVD. The DVD is well made and easy to understand. You do get quite a few routines in the DVD, not all of them are good (in my opinion) but there are at least 2 workers which I perform all the time. The gimmick can be found inside a small plastic wallet, along with it's mate (4 kings if the gimmick is made into a king). The gimmick will always be a court card, jack, queen or king. The gimmick is well made and will last a long time if you take care of it. For the price, I do think the content of the DVD + the gimmick, this is well worth the $40 ! You won't be disappointed when you open the DVD, this is something you will definitely use !




The pros and the cons : Here is the core of my review, let's begin with the cons, as I will usually be doing, I prefer to keep the good things for the end.



  • The gimmick can be left in the deck but it may cause a few problems if you want to do some routines. Usually, this don't happened but it can.

  • Gimmick will always be a court card.



  • It's very very visual, every routine on the DVD use the visual capacity of the gimmick. Whether it's a color change or card which dissapear, Twizted can be used in a wide range of way.

  • There is something original about this gimmick. Eric calls it the flipper coin of cards, I would rather say this is the split coin for cards !

  • The reset is instant in every routine, the gimmick has 2 states : in and out. So it's very easy to do the routine again when you're done.

  • The first con shouldn't scare you, I leave my gimmick in my deck for every routine I do. But sometimes, when you shuffle your cards, the gimmick can be stuck.

  • Your imagination will run with ideas when you will open the DVD case ! It's something which stimulates your brain and you want to use it, find new uses etc..


Overall rating : I've been using this for many years, it's something I've done hundreds of time, I like it and will continue doing it, 4/4 hearts.


As for the difficulty level, the gimmick is very easy to operate, 2/5 stars.


Similar products : A similar product which was reviewed in one of my previous French Show, is Unlink by Jordan Victoria. An older product would be Switchblade by Dan Harlan and “Bonneteau Escorial” by Gaetan Bloom.

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